about us

Our name, Titjimbat, reflects and aligns with the phrase 'tijimbat gija', a Kriol phrase from the Roper River region, which means 'teaching and sharing everything together'

Titjimbat is a not-for-profit organisation that, with the guidance, permission and collaboration of local communities, facilitates unique community programs in remote Northern Territory during the school holidays. These programs aim to extend and enrich learning through a diverse range of cultural, vocational and academic based activities. Titjimbat provides paid work for community members engaged in the facilitation of activities for kids aged from 0 to 15.

Our programs are led by community Program Leaders along with a small team of Activity Leaders who facilitate activities that enable a two-way sharing of culture, knowledge and respect. Program Leaders are community members who co-design Titjimbat’s programs. Activity Leaders are volunteers trained in Melbourne who live in the community for the duration of the month-long programs which are provided at no cost to the kids, their families or communities.

Titjimbat’s model of two-way sharing allows programs to adapt to community interests, and ensures our programs are community-led successes.

Our overall philosophy is to provide a positive, supportive and culturally respectful environment that fosters confidence and encourages enjoyable learning opportunities.