While each Titjimbat program is unique, our commitment remains the same.
We prioritise genuine engagement and recognise the importance of cultural education in each program.







Titjimbat is committed to providing positive experiences for kids and adults in remote communities during school holiday periods.

In line with our 50/50 model, Titjimbat is committed to prioritising cultural and traditional knowledge and providing programs that recognise and respect this knowledge.

An alternative to fly-in-fly-out programs, Titjimbat is committed to developing genuine, ongoing relationships and to prioritising the voices of community members in each aspect of the programs.

Activity Leaders are volunteers who live in the community while facilitating programs which are delivered over four weeks with daily morning and afternoon sessions. Programs are facilitated in both the wet and dry season holidays for kids aged from 0 to 15. Our programs are non-compulsory and provided at no cost to the kids, their families or communities.

All Titjimbat programs are co-designed with community members. Titjimbat’s model of two-way sharing allows programs to adapt to community interests, and ensures our programs are community-led successes.

Titjimbat has strong connections with many community-based organisations which are actively involved in Titjimbat's programs. As well as designing and facilitating activities, Titjimbat actively promotes the sharing of cultural knowledge by providing community members with paid work as well as support to design and facilitate activities and bush trips.

We are incredibly grateful to engage with so many wonderful individuals and organisations!

Titjimbat has a unique approach to school holiday programs.

Our programs are well thought-out and expansive with a strong focus on building relationships with the kids, their families and their communities.

Our programs incorporate a wide variety of cultural, vocational and academic based activities.

Cultural knowledge based activities are led, designed and facilitated by community members. Vocational and academic based activities include art projects, science experiments, drama, health and wellbeing, music, dance and sport. Literacy, mathematics and problem-solving skills are integrated across these activities and also form the focus of specific sessions. Activities are evaluated using values focused objectives rather than specific learning outcomes; meaning activities are primarily designed to be positive, engaging and confidence building experiences.

Titjimbat Junior is integrated into each program day and encompasses activities from all activity areas developed specifically for kids aged 0-5.

As Titjimbat moves forward, our objective is to consistently facilitate programs in line with a 50/50 model; 50% of activities run by Community Program Leaders and 50% of activities run by Activity Leaders.